Apply to be a part of the It’s A Wonderful Life Parade.

It’s A Wonderful Life Parade Guidelines


The following guidelines will assist in providing for a positive and safe experience for both parade participants and spectators and were developed in direct response to experiences of previous years. As a parade participant your understanding of and commitment to following these guidelines is fully expected. Participation in the IAWL must be in compliance with these IAWL Parade Guidelines, the recognized mission of the IAWL Parade, and all other applicable borough policies, borough ordinances, and state laws. The driver of a motor-driven parade unit will be held responsible for ensuring that each participant riding in or on the motor vehicle abides by these guidelines, and the organization or group sponsoring the parade unit will be held responsible for ensuring that each parade participant abides by these guidelines.

Please note: There can only be one Santa Claus in the Parade. Therefore, no units may feature a live Santa
Claus as part of their unit, float, display, etc.

1. Participation in the IAWL Parade is subject to the review and approval of the IAWL Parade committee in accordance with the IAWL Parade mission and all applicable borough policies, borough ordinances, and state laws. ALL UNITS MUST BE HOLIDAY-THEMED AND WE WILL LIMIT ACCEPTANCE TO THE FIRST 70 UNITS REGISTERED.

2. A parade participant, whether he or she is operating a motor vehicle, riding in or on a parade unit, or walking/marching, may not possess, transport, consume, distribute, or be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at any time immediately prior to or during the parade.

3. A participant riding in or on a parade unit must remain seated in a safe and secure location at all times.

4. A participant riding in or on a parade unit must remain in or on the parade unit at all times; a participant needing to depart the parade unit must do so only after the parade unit has come to a complete stop. Following his or her departure, a parade participant may not return to the parade unit at any time during the parade.

5. NO CANDY, ITEMS OR MATERIALS MAY BE DISTRIBUTED DURING THE PARADE. All items will be distributed in IRMC Park. We will be in touch with each participant who wishes to distributed items to the crowd to make arrangements with you. This decision was made as a safety measure.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS RULE CAN AND WILL BE ENFORCED BY BOROUGH POLICE. Failure to comply may result in not being allowed to participate in future parades.

6. A parade unit, whether it involves a vehicle or walking/marching participants, must continue moving forward through the parade route at all times. Standing performances are not permitted.

7. A parade participant who is harassed or intimidated in any way during the parade by another parade participant or parade spectator is strongly encouraged to report the incident as soon as possible to the nearest uniformed law enforcement officer or parade marshal.

8. Only animals under the strict leash or bridle of a qualified animal handler will be permitted in the parade. The identified animal handler and his/her parade unit sponsor will bear any responsibility for any and all damages and injuries resulting from negligence or act of God incidents regarding the animal in question.

9. A parade unit must be value-neutral and may not represent the specific political interests or ambitions of any political party or candidate nor the for-profit interests of any commercial enterprise.

Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in:
A. The issuing of citations to and/or the filing of criminal charges against or the arrest of the responsible participant and/or person driving the parade unit.
B. The immediate removal of the participant and/or the parade unit from the parade.
C. The disqualification of the parade participant’s and/or sponsoring organization’s or group’s eligibility to participate in
future parades.

Questions regarding the IAWL Parade Guidelines may be directed to Downtown Indiana at 724-463-6110 or